Three facets of what I’m looking for…

  • Help people change how they work for the better (ways of working, technology); help people change (coaching)

  • Help the organization succeed through self-knowledge (org. climate, org. metrics, mapping) and a knowledge of their customers (value)

  • Finding partners in building a BVSSH (better value sooner safer happier) organization (the statement on models notwithstanding)

Two challenges every organization faces that I want to help and serve in…

  • What do we do? (value; mission/vision)

  • How do we do it? (ways of working; flow)

An ideal job description might contain one or more of… 

  • Enablement role, with the goal of enabling product teams to improve the ways they work; advisory role around software development practices; pairing with technical process and automation prototyping

  • Works to establish metrics feedback loops around DORA and flow

  • Facilitates team health checks, leadership health checks

  • Facilitates outcome mapping, value stream mapping, dependency mapping, capability mapping - at strategic and tactical levels

  • Helps leadership with goal frameworks and alignment (e.g. OKRs, output-to-outcome thinking coaching)

  • Coaches/facilitates leadership development, knowledge workshops (systems thinking, feedback loops, software delivery concepts, double loop learning, etc.)

Do you currently have any roles like this?  Does this sound valuable? Please contact me via LinkedIn if so!

Bonus content: Below, a visualization of where flow engineering could sit.


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