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On servers and racks and stuff...

For goodness sake order a DVD-ROM in the least. We have several 2950s and 2850s that have CD-ROM drives and are utterly useless for ESX installs. I'm now praying the DRAC card's ISO mount works. If not, big trouble!! Also, a few other points off the top of my head: Order less DIMMs, but higher capacity, even if you have no plans to expand. It will happen, and you will throw out a ton of 512MB/1GB/2GB sticks of FB-DIMMs that nobody else wants for this very reason. Order a ILO/DRAC/etc card. Just do it. It will save your bottom later. Only use an x64 OS if you're doing a native install, otherwise use ESX or something similar. Just doesn't make sense to have single-purpose servers in this day and age unless you're talking about an absolute monster of a SQL server or something similar. Strongly consider an expansion NIC card (dual port at least) if you do not have Intel NICs on-board. Just a good redundancy strategy. Don't skimp on PDUs in your server rack -