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Where I ramble about DevOps -> Agile -> Data-driven decisions

Jez Humble has a lot of really interesting ideas on how companies deliver value to their customers.  Let's start with that.  I've now probably spent a good 15-20 hours just listening/watching his talks (not to start a JH fanclub or anything...he just ties together the work of many into something that makes sense to me where I am today).
Over the last year of this 'DevOps' journey, here is how my research/learning has progressed: Do monitoring stuff, start to look at 'application health'Realize there are more important things that need attention, so I give them attention (bottlenecks)DevOps Demystified w. Ben Rockwood, mind expands.  Understanding 'why' is super important.  Understanding 'flow' is super important.Analyze the flow! (build/deploy automation & test automation came up as candidates)  Fixed build/deploy by automating it!  In progress!Test automation! In progress!Read 'Continuous delivery', mind expands, yay!  We are on the …