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Offline files for Windows 7

Random weird problem day - Tuesday. We're trying to get offline files and folder redirection working through Group Policy (GP henceforth) for our Windows7 and/or Vista clients (ok, just 7, but we did have a random Vista desktop to test with). Our issues are that a) the settings that work for XP do not work for 7, and b) some settings show up in RSOP, but don't actually work. Symptoms: Client refuses to synchronize, or even see that it should be synchronizing certain files that we've redirected from the file server. In GP we had the same settings used during the XP reign, located under the 'Computer Configuration' side of things. Fix: In GP - User Configuration, set the 'Administratively assigned offline files' to Enabled and put in the Value Name field: \\server\usershare\%USERNAME%\ Ensure all your other settings make sense. For our part, we set this up under the user policy, and under the laptop or desktop policy, we enabled (laptop) or disabled (desk