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Applying lessons learned - two more keyboard iterations

The journey continues ( see previous post for more info... )...  This post is really just for a few folks who had asked for updates. I have learned a few more lessons: Expect it to take 3-4 months ( 100-200 hours ) per full board build - a long feedback loop is just the nature of the game, especially with my availability Expect to get some crucial feature wrong - design for design failure Expect to break parts or have bad solder joints - design for repair Expect to be tempted to rush things If you want to follow along or look for more detail or laughs or horror, I keep a build log in a google doc here:  It's super long, but often updated daily What follows is a brief summary of the keyboard development work between July 2022 and April 2023.  I'll leave out the business analogies ( continuous improvement aside ).  For the curious, the 'mk13' ( mark = old British engineering thing, I think? ) indicates the thirteenth time I started from scratch - and the maths-inclined am