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Miata: Wish list

Just a place to note what I'd like to do over the life of the car.  At the end of the car's life, would be a great deal of fun to convert it to a V8, but for the sake of fuel economy, a turbo-four will always do better.  L/100 is completely relevant and important since we have a car budget, not a money tree.

Phase 1
Make car reliable and safe, bring maintenance schedule into line.  Fix oil leaks.  Fix rust.

Phase 2
Go MS!!  Get MS3x incl. GM IAT, MAP, WBO2. ~$1000

Phase 3
Gauges, additional sensors. ~$500

Phase 4
Find a donor car - 2001-2005, swap over drivetrain! ~$1000-2000

Old ideas...
Phase 1
Make the car 100% reliable and safe, bring maintenance schedule into line.  Get a feel for what 'normal' is (compression test/leakdown test).  Fix the rust issues (DIY).  Additional undercoating?  Fix oil leaks. (Pretty sure rear main is leaking dye test)

Phase 2
Remove weak points such as the differential, ECU, injectors, MAF, coils (required only for turbo?).  Replace w…

BizTalk 2010 and MSDTC issues

Before you even start with your BizTalk 2010 configuration (not the same thing as the install), you need MSDTC communicating perfectly with the BizTalk SQL server.

Environment specs: Server 2008R2 SP1, deployed from VMware template, SID not changed

Cmd: msdtc -installAdd application server role, all DTC optionsSet MSDTC service to autoStart MSDTC service If you deviate from that, MSDTC will never work.  This can probably be applied to anything using MSDTC, but can't guarantee that.
If you just install the application server role and DTC options - MSDTC WILL NOT WORK.  It will appear to, but you'll be chasing ghosts.
If you are already in that position, follow these steps: Remove app server role and DTC options.cmd: msdtc -uninstallRemove reg entries around MSDTC (see the first link under 'Sources')RebootFollow steps above. I spent a long time figuring this out, hope it helps someone else.
You can test using the following Microsoft tools: DTCping - this will tell you if yo…