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Took me quite a while to get this figured out, so might as well add to the pool of searchable Google results.

Problem: You have a clustered print/file server running Server 2008/R2 and you must make NTFS security changes to each printer.  You want to allow the IT Helpdesk people to manage documents.  You have 200+ printers.  Doing them one-by-one leads you to thoughts of suicide or worker's comp from limb amputation.

Solution: Quick little Powershell/subinacl combo! (see below)

Key things I learned in this was that WMI is not really supported for clustering, win32_clustershare was accidentally left out of Server 2008 SP2, and that a cluster's 'shares' are only visible on the active node (obviously, in hindsight).


If anyone has suggestions to better the script, please post them.  I am pretty new to scripting (the act of, not knowledge of).…