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Git & UAC

As a PSA to those using Git in a split-account UAC system (normal non-admin user account & separate admin account). We were having huge issues with Git processes taking forever - on a machine without this UAC setup a 'git status' would take 0 seconds.  On the impacted machines we were seeing averages of 30s. We figured it was the encryption software, or maybe the antivirus software - nobody could figure it out, and we had the additional red herring of a few machines with corruption issues.  Anyways, finally we really started digging into it and discovered that there was one user without any issues on a system that SHOULD have issues.  He had this problem at a previous employer - and provided this link: Amazing.  I applied those changes to two affected machines, closed / reopens the active shells, and BAM.  Git was back to normal! Hopefully this solves some misery for someon