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SonarQube & TeamCity & RDS

Our environment All-AWS Mysql RDS for DB Running the sonar java app off our Linux Teamcity server on port 9000 (as a service) Teamcity agents are Windows boxes w. (cinst -y JDK8) Active Directory on 2012R2 Sonar 6.2 (probably a bad idea) Some key points to getting things actually running... RDS Create a new parameter group in RDS that matches your RDS instance type (e.g. mysql 5.6) Set these params ( because trial and error is fun with a 1GB repo scan ) max_allowed_packet: 32768000 innodb_log_file_size: 1024217728 I also set some stuff via MySQL Workbench as per their documentation (collation stuff) USE sonar; ALTER DATABASE sonar CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_bin; LDAP Was so pleased that after hours of googling, found something that 'just worked'...I wish I'd saved the link with this.  It was a StackOverflow result, of course.  Tried 2-3 that did not work... This config is obviously wide-open, but only accessible via our VPN, so accepta

Facilitated my first "Spotify" team health check - with a semi-remote team!

As part of bringing the ( remote ) teams together, we're going to try 'team health checks' a la Spotify-style.  The goal is threefold: Provide a venue for teams to communicate together, a safe forum to let their voice be heard. Provide senior leadership with a "safe" dataset that gives them 'the feeling' of the team Provide action items to address the low points The initial team meeting to present the concept went well - everyone seemed genuinely interested, and a few team members had done similar things with previous employers. So today was the first health's how it went down... We asked the team members to review the list of topics ( cards ) before the meeting, and this was the agenda ( 2-hour time slot ): Start the meeting focusing on my role as facilitator Go through each topic - any we want to remove? Go through them again, but vote and discuss vote results Look at the results, pick focus area(s) Determine action item

2012R2, IIS, and KB3052480 - random ASP.NET app domain restarts

I will leave out the 'how we came to this conclusion' part, but suffice to say it took 3 people the better part of 2 full days. There is a, in my humble opinion, rather gaping bug in 2012R2 IIS that manifests itself like this: You have many file changes in the web root, but they are contained to the 'safe' directories (i.e. not in /bin or whatnot) In theory, IIS doesn't care and you go about your merry way - because it only monitors /bin and /app_data (iirc?) and some config files You find yourself chasing spikes in your (New Relic) data, traces that make no sense (the transactions that get called the most have a lot of looong traces) Nobody understands what's going on, because no errors are being thrown You can verify that you're seeing a lot of ASP.NET app domain restarts by looking at perfmon: ASP.NET Applications - (your instance) - Application Lifetime Events What you should be seeing upon a legit recycle is one startup event and one sh