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Our (contextual) approach to monitoring...

Let me preface this with a disclaimer: I am not the creator/inventor of any of these ideas, this is just a combination of Google and the context of our environment.  For all I know people have been doing this for's new to me! Our context Our 'prod' environment is in a managed hosting context for various reasons (compliance, past decisions, etc).  This means that from a 'traditional' monitoring point of view we are covered.  Anything beyond that we're on our own.  Also, we are 95% Windows. What is monitored today: Host/svc, host/svc, ports alive, HTTP GET = XYZ, is CPU crazy, is RAM maxed, etc... Picking up what's left:  Logs! Centrally aggregate all logs and query that pile of data to get alerts.  i.e. the services/applications we run (written in-house) dump stuff to the event log, among other places. What are our goals? Get visibility into what our svs/apps are doing - know (be alerted) that svcX is dumping errors right now, not a week

Miata 1.8 swap done - next steps

To keep it short... Swap went well Managed to snap some key coolant piece was the only issue at the time, decided to do the coolant re-route Also managed to incorrectly assume that the clutch would not need re-adjusting because...hey I haven't changed clutch components or drained the fluid or anything... The above caused me to run for 2 weeks on a misadjusted clutch, so the shiny FM Stage1 clutch is now pretty much toast - we played with the adjustment afterwards to try and salvage luck I've decided to get off the 'because racecar' bandwagon - ordered the OEM-level value clutch, and I'll get the 1.8 flywheel I have resurfaced The de-powered steering thing has become a saga...continue to have 'stiction' issues Had the bushings done (IL Motorsports rubber ones), only the mechanic didn't replace the rear bushings due to some miscommunication.  The good news is that alignments are now holding, the bad news is that 1 week after the fronts w