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Who let this guy in here?

The last few weeks have been a great learning experience for me - I can officially say 'I can write code'.  ... It will be bad code, to be sure, but it's code! I had the opportunity to (be allowed to) pursue what I deemed a high business-value target - introducing test automation (outside of unit tests).  One PluralSight course later and guy thinks he can dev.  Spoke to our QA guy, and he was enthusiastic, a few other devs mentioned it was a good idea, so hay, here we are. The course: In C# no less, which our team has been using a fair bit.  We're still in early days, but the repo has grown quite a bit - now have tests/framework pieces across 3 different applications.  I have absolutely zero development background (aside from PowerShell scripting and basic tutelage of a few sharp folk over the years), but the need was there.  Somebody had to do it!  ( they will rue the day, at some point )