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2019 is full of opportunities to contribute

This was a 'lightning talk' I gave at our kickoff this year.  If it reads like a speech...that's because it kind of is one.    :)  2019 will be full of opportunities for you to contribute. Every hour, day, week, month. Every success, failure, achievement, frustration. Every meeting, call, conversation, chat. Every interaction you will have is an opportunity - a chance for you to choose what you will contribute. I ask you - what will you contribute today? Will it be shared purpose? Trust? Community? Understanding? In every interaction with those around you, I challenge you to test yourself, your intentions, by asking these questions… Am I willing to learn? Am I willing to be influenced? Cultivate a fierce humility within yourself by keeping these questions top of mind wherever you go, with whomever you talk to, in whatever emotional state. Remember these questions, that you would remain grounded and centered in the realization that together we are more than the sum