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Wiki update - Scope and Build Order

I got a little sidetracked...I think I need a project flow document or something.  Of course, I was sidetracked playing Minecraft....hosted on a VM here, no less - something else I'll end up setting as an available app. The next wiki entry is going to focus on the order I'll be building the lab in, what milestones there are, etc.

Wiki integration into the blog

This weekend I will focus on getting the wiki integrated into the blog so I don't have to deal with copy/pasting and formatting of the articles. Ok, wiki is up, read-only.  I'll probably install Lockdown or something to further help, but such low traffic, not a priority. Cool! As a side note, I'll be adding a wiki entry on setting up the NATing to get through.

First steps for the new lab

First task is to install a Wiki server to hold my documentation.  It will probably end up here as a 2nd page or something. I will need to start making choices soon about when to blow away the old domain as I need the name. The wiki is up, and the first two pieces of documentation are done - MediaWiki 1.17 install and config and CentOS 6 install/config. Ew...formatting...definitely have to do something soon.   1.        Create new VM, a.        Do not set an installer (it auto-installs the GUI) b.       Give disk as 20GB, single file.                                                                i.       Note that logging will eventually all flow to the syslog server, so no need for a huge amount of space. c.        Assign an IP and document in the spreadsheet. d.       Choose the ‘basic server’ spec. 2.        Set up VMware tools a.        Mount /dev/ /mnt b.       Copy the vmware-tools file into /tmp c.        Un-tar it d.       Run the .pl f

New lab design and direction

After a summer of working on the garage and generally ignoring the lab I am back into it. I've decided that my initial goal of having a VM sharing storage for the other physical hosts won't work, hardware is limited and, I must be honest, I think that it's pretty much impossible. So...I'll be moving hardware around, making some sacrifices, and getting some more hardware.  Initially I thought that I'd have to get a dedicated Openfiler box, but after pricing it out, and thinking some more, I have a better way. The 'main' ESXi host (24GB i7 machine) will change into an Openfiler box.  24GB of RAM will go into my desktop (also i7) which will run all of the 'workstation' VMs in VMware Workstation.  My 12GB of RAM currently in the desktop will go into the Openfiler machine.  The RAID cards will stay in there, along with all the disks.  I will, however, scrounge up a boot volume to add so I'm not relying on the arrays for the OS.  It will then ser