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App review: InfraDog (new take on SMB system monitoring)

A friend of mine has been very busy lately - the last few years, in fact - and I've found out just what he's accomplished.  I would note right off the bat that I am not being paid for this, just helping get the word out on an app that could be a game-changer for many of you SMB folk. Since we live in a 'TL;DR' (too long; didn't read) kind of world I will cut to the chase, then paste in my 7-day InfraDog journal.  If you are in SMB, do not have server monitoring in place, and want cheap insurance on common IT blunders that cost you business credibility and money, just do the 30-day free trial.   Do it .  I don't have actual figures on post-trial pricing, but I understand it is extremely (read: can't afford not to) affordable to keep going after the 30 days are up. Setup is almost comically easy if you're familiar with traditional monitoring solutions (SCOM, Nagios).  Step 1, download and install the management client onto a single server/PC of your ch