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Troubleshooting IIS

I recently had the pleasure if misdiagnosing a problem and spending 2 days in the deep weeds of IIS.  Figured I'd share my learnings and increase google fodder.

Update: Another finding, '500 0 0' entries that don't work with Failed Request Tracing should be dropping stuff in the Application log.

Figure out how to reproduce the error, maybe write a test? :)Gather the specific error code:  "500" is the request status code, you also have subStatus codes and win32-status codes.  e.g. 500.1.1, 403.1.2If you have server access, set the hosts file on the server to point to, then load a browser on the server itself and re-create the error - moar infoThis also usually yields actual error messages (which are generally also dumped into the Application event log)You can change a web.config setting for show remote errors (I've had so-so luck with it in the past)Check the event logUsually in the Application log you'll see ASP.NET errors/war…