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Miata: 1.8 swap begins

Well, some pretty fantastic exhaust leaks have cropped up sooner than I would have hoped, so the decision point came to this:  Put in a stainless 1.6 system, or advance the plans to do a 1.8 swap.  Seems kinda wacky, but moving to a 1.8 means I have a much larger selection of parts, and more importantly used parts, to choose from. Work has already started on the '96 exhaust system I picked up - been cleaning, grinding, wire brushing, and even welding! (someone decided a self-tapping screw was an acceptable way to plug a hole in the cat)  I also learned a new trick to get studs out of a (rusty) cat (alytic converter). The plan is to use a full 94-97 exhaust system painted with POR-20 - a small expenditure that should help keep the rust away.  The engine will most likely also be 94-97, but JDM sourced (JDM for availability, not JDM yo) (if they have an NB1 engine for not much more, will get that).  I may end up getting a transmission as well, depending on what supplier I go with.