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Exchange 2010 management pack for SCOM 2012 & 2007R2

After wasting my time searching MS' download site, I finally ran across a blog indicating that the Exchange 2010 management pack has been pulled due to issues.  Unfortunate that this cropped up, what with SCOM 2012 just having been released in the spring - guess my testing will have to wait. Oh, this affects SCOM 2012 and 2007R2 - neither available for download (same file, I believe). The Exchange 2010 MP Update 2 was released August 7, 2012.

Easy mass local admin password changes

Mass-reset local admin passwords, multiple machines all with different passwords - now with more Easy(TM). How to use Open a command prompt with appropriate credentials. Browse to the directory containing the batch file, list file, and Sysinternals tool files. Run the batch file. If there are issues, like the computer name does not exist, you'll see this: PsPasswd v1.22 - Local and remote password changer Copyright (C) 2003-2004 Mark Russinovich Sysinternals - Error changing password: The RPC server is unavailable. Script See below for sources. Removed the echoing to help with visual security. Removed extra parameters as they are not necessary. @echo off set FILE= serverpasslist.txt for /F "skip=2 tokens=1,2*" %%i in (%FILE%) do (   pspasswd.exe \\ %%i .domain.local administrator %%j ) File structure Spacing is tab-delimited - handy for copying out of Excel. Target NewPassword ------------------------------------------