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Health check learnings, this time with data!

For this quarter's health checks I wanted to get some actual data out of the process and act on the 'continuous improvement' stuff we all talk about but don't always do.  I asked myself some questions... What do people actually think about the process?  What would they change?  Is this really worth continuing? ( and more to the point, what am I doing about improving this process? ) How would people react to the idea of 'advance voting', where you essentially had the option to do 'Planning Poker' for your votes - would stir some controversy, if nothing else, give people opportunity to think in advance ( idea c/o Steve Rogalsky ) Instead of bumping through the pre-during-post process of this, maybe I could write it out this time?...a health check playbook? ( there are a surprising amount of moving parts ) What do people actually think about the process? I used a basic NPS survey formula through Google Forms and managed to get just over half t