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A tale of migration and miscommunication

Before this last week, I considered myself reasonably competent and able when it came to handling myself in a professional manner. As the migration I've been working on wrapped up, I was sharply reminded that I have much to learn. Planning and research can only take you so far - communication and experience are strong factors in successfully pulling off important (any) projects. First of all, this is not a doom and gloom scenario, a lot went right. We're just going to focus on what went wrong as that's where the good lessons are. Did not thoroughly check documentation of LOB software to ensure all the pieces were there to migrate it successfully. Did not communicate with LOB developer/support (same person in this case) to ensure they would be available for emergency support during the migration. When an issue did arise, used email as first line of communication. So, let's deal with #1. The documentation was asked for when the software was written a year or so ago. W