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Your part in making a better LEGO brick

This is my speaking script (w. slides interspersed) from a lightning talk at our company kickoff this year.  It worked out mostly ok - humour tends to save the day.  Replace the SportsEngine/SE references with your own company name/acronym and hey presto, relevant content.  In hindsight, it was far too large a topic to capture in a five-minute talk, but it was still fun to put together.  Previous years' talk scripts are here  and  here . Let’s quickly illustrate an idea, and a tool with which to pursue our new idea.  A concept that has bothered me quite a bit over the last several years is, ‘the value of individual contribution’.  So, let’s investigate the mental trainwreck that occurs when I write things down.   The scope of this talk is just a single facet of the ever-present problem: “human beings working together”.  Who are we? What is SportsEngine? What is SportsEngine made up of? What if we saw SportsEngine not just as an organizational or legal entity, or an org chart