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Packer, WinRM, AMIs - making it work

This has been a pretty frustrating task for me, so it felt like a good thing to write about.  Pretty much every source had one thing or another wrong, and I'd ended up just mashing it all into one big huge WinRM script glob. I would preface this with ' it's a packer build, not concerned with security and encryption ', which is not terribly security-conscious of me, but here we are.  One of the articles I found whilst googling had a basic SSL setup, but I opted to start with the Packer documentation after many many failures. If you start with said documentation here ( ) you will ( possibly ) discover that you are still blocked by ' waiting for winrm '.  So add this to your user-data WinRM setup portion: set-item WSMan:\localhost\Client\AllowUnencrypted -Value True -Force set-item WSMan:\localhost\Client\Auth\Basic -Value True -Force set-item WSMan:\localhost\Client\Trus