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Home lab - refactoring

A while back I mentioned that the home lab was being shut down: Haha, wow, almost 2 years ago.  It's been mostly off during that time, so over the last few days I've inventorized everything gathering dust.  Time to move on or re-purpose! Stuff that's going: All of the heavy duty networking gear & fibre All of the ESXi hosts The majority of the spinning disk storage All of the random stuff that's accumulated The rack! Basically if I can't store it inside my office area, it's gotta go.  That doesn't leave much... The new way forward for me will be in "DevOps" & automation-related things, with a minor in monitoring/metrics.  This only really requires a beefy PC for a home lab - if anything I'd need some more storage for VMs. Some new key areas for me to learn: Learn how to work with Visual Studio projects/solutions Learn/prototype PowerShell DSC