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ESXi storage migration

Figured I'd post something useful about this experience. Really, it's all about planning. Not just having a plan, or even having a plan that covers the basics, but having a plan that allows for practical things, like time off, shipping errors, configuration oversights, and just plain bad luck. We've had all of the above and then some on this latest project. No matter how hard we tried to make our deadlines, we either forgot a key point (ESXi doesn't do storage migration on its own), or were given misinformation or not enough information (ET RS-16 IP-4 doesn't handle jumbo frames including/past 8000), or just plain bad luck abounded (the crux of the project lay across a perfect storm of not one but three long weekends (Christmas, Boxing day, New Years) compounded by different locations having different ideas about which days to take off. I've spent my New Years Eve (well, 95% of it) on one task: Migrate the storage of all the VMs on our NY site's ESXi box fro