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Cannot join domain - 'network name no longer available' & 'access denied' DHCP authorizing

(sorry for the long title) We ran into an interesting problem I wanted to document here, hopefully it will help someone else out. At head office: Old call center is being moved to a new building, but cannot have any downtime. We are getting infrastructure set up (DC/proxy/etc) ahead of time. We had a test network set up at head office but it was having issues (ADSL flapping), so while on the new IP subnet we were not able to join the domain (seeing 'network name no longer available' error). We figured this was due to the flapping, and we decided to leave the join/promote to when we were local. Catch to the setup: We cannot see two of the four DCs, as our hub/spoke network design does not allow the spokes (remote offices) to see each other, only to see the hub (head office). This is fine, as we have two DCs at the spoke office, and two DCs at the head office (for this child domain...not in total). At the remote office: Same issue persists, but we no longer have the flappi