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New learning experience begins - South Bend lathe!

Something I've wanted to do for a looooooong time finally happened - picked up a metal lathe!  With the included tooling and the condition it was in, it was a pretty good deal, and the owner threw in a whole pile of extras when he saw I was genuinely interested/learning.
This thing is ancient - 1921, the owner said - but he showed me it running, showed me projects he'd made on it.  It'll work just fine for learning - and it already works/has been restored, so don't need to invest time/$ in a restoration/repair.
I am hoping to learn basic lathe operation, metrology, cutter grinding, basic tool-making, and make some neat projects/enhance existing projects.
It came with: Lathe itself is a South Bend 25-Y (9" x 36") - fully restored, painted, ways in good shape, fully oiled120v motor w. v-belts - I'll be getting some link-belts to replace themMetal tableAll change gears (Imperial only, but that's not surprising for a lathe this old)3-jaw and 4-jaw chucks …