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My notes from reading 'Better: A surgeon's notes on performance'

First off, this was a great read - a great window into the literal and figurative world of medicine.  Highly recommend it not just as a well-written book, but as it also has a lot of readily transposable ideas.  I read this at the recommendation of:   and under the contextual influence of "how do OKRs work, anyhow?". My own analysis & thoughts Big theme of the systems principle 'make information visible' - publish results, don't hide results anywhere! (e.g. org-public OKRs) Measuring "intangibles" can be a powerful innovation  (e.g.  How to measure anything, Hubbard ) Balanced KRs important everywhere (point/counterpoint) "What the best may have, above all, is a capacity to learn and change - and to do so faster than everyone else." Change is possible with just one person - be a positive deviant!  Note how a number of individuals were referenced below. Diligence rang out loud and clear to me - Personal mas