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Learning Opportunities - Watching/listening list

Over the last year I've spent a lot of time learning (thank you, long commute & lunch hours).  Many topics ranging from Chef to DevOps to architecture concepts to management concepts and everything in between.  Why have I done this? DevOps Demystified with Ben Rockwood: DevOps at Those two presentations were key in sending me down this road.  First, and most important, was Mr. Rockwood's explanation as to the real 'why', and the point behind DevOps from an operational perspective.  Second, and no less important but for a different reason, the continuous delivery system at really made it real to me because they are a 'Windows shop'.  So much of what I'd been reading about Chef/config mgmt. relied on amazing tools (see the error there?) only available to the Linux world.  Suddenly here's this guy telling me that it's possible on


We're sunsetting an old environment - we took backups, but these will most likely never be used again.  My part of the project is importing the backups (from a 3rd party datacenter), logging on to ensure things are functional, then shutting them down. Of course, Windows wants to know why you're shutting it down... sleepy time so tired... time to sleep now... good night thank you I wonder what the other side looks like... I'm pretty sad right now.  Poor VMs...