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TALMUG: Agile testing

Been a while since I posted anything - so busy with life and work.

Last night I had the chance to attend the Toronto Application Lifecycle Management User Group (TALMUG) as they were discussing something I've been grappling with:  Testing (specifically, Agile testing)

Some key points I pulled out of the discussion:

The key to doing Agile correctly is 'definition of done' and retrospectives (continuous improvement)The key to ensuring testing is a part of the process is 'definition of done', and thus, you must have some sort of Agile-y development processThe key to getting the time to continuously improve is to PARTNER with your business colleagues - IT must be viewed as a partner, not a cost centre or necessary evil or code factoryThe key to transforming to a 'team is responsible for all vs. I'm only responsible for my part' is holding the entire team accountable - no deadline extensions, public shamingSub-key is 'attitude is king' - a team with t…