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Team health checks - now with more teams!

I had the chance to help out with team (squad) health checks again, this time with eight dev teams (last occasion wasjust two) - seven of which happened in a single week!  One of the teams had done a few health checks in the years prior, and it was really cool to see their responses and approaches mature over time.

As before, a ton of learning and a great experience all around, with some really cool insight from the folks participating:
On the topic of 'delivering value', one team member raised his hand after the team had said their piece and noted: "You [the team] have been describing delivering quality.  Delivering value is something else."  (which of course spurred other discussions and thoughts)Success metrics/OKRs have the power of crystallizing the organizational mission as resultsLegacy code/platforms constrain present/future options (i.e. tech debt doesn't just require recoup work in future, it prevents you from doing some things in future - as if to say, …