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Talk notes: The only thing that matters is you

The following are my speaking notes from the talk I gave at the December 4th DevOpsTO meetup, titled 'The only thing that matters is you'. I elected to put them up as-is, with minimal editing, because I plan on refining the contents for a future talk - there was just too much content in this one. The abuse of bullet points is because I can't for the life of me figure out indentation in blogger.  The italics, etc are meant to help me emphasize words and phrases, remind me of points, and so forth.  The Q&A section is interactive, actually getting folks to participate, respond, and think about things. ================= The following presentation is a compilation of everything I’ve learned on my journey so far - for brevity I’ll be paraphrasing quotes, but the books in the intro slide are my primary source. Q&A starter Let’s start by setting the stage in your own minds... ( Point: people matter more than tools or process ) You’ve lost your credit card, maybe it wa