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More career update stuff

Well, I think I've gotten a clearer picture over the week. I've run across a few articles/blogs in the virtualization community and it has recalled to me why I enjoy that field so much. So, as of right now (valid for the next 5 minutes), I'm going to 'major/minor' in virtualization/storage. Cert-wise, the VCP is first in my sights, then I'll work on getting the NetApp training material done. I think I'll also get the VTSP while I'm at it, it should help me get a better business perspective on the VMware technical side of things. After those (so...mid-end next year), I may still consider the RHCT or CCNA, but I need to learn more about what it means to be a storage expert first. The CCNA, if I'm not focusing squarely on storage, is probably not necessary, as I already have a decent grasp of the material (a bit stale...but still there). CertPath 2010/2011 1. VCP 2. VTSP 3. NetApp exam 4. ? Lab environment 2010/2011 1. Start from scratch!! 2. D

Career path update

After a good bit of prayer, advice from friends, and a lot of thought, I've laid out a career path and set of goals. Long-term goal : Senior Engineer/consultant in storage or virtualization or both. I had also considered architect-type roles (not to be confused with archetypical roles), but decided that I'm not super enthused about going into a role that deals primarily with relationships. Not that I have a big problem with that sort of thing, just that people and relationships are not my passion, and long-term goals require passion. Learning and mastering technology, now there's something I have passion for. And in my relatively short IT career thus far (5-6 years), storage and virtualization have been head and shoulders above most everything else that has interested me.. So, to get on that route, what must I do? Why, certifications of course! Yep, I really enjoyed getting my MCITP:EA cert, and can't wait to start on the next round. Here's my path: Part 1: Sh