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A real doozie: Changing VM port group drops networking for 10 minutes

Update:  Support had nothing, so we are forced to chalk it up to the vDS stuff being wonky.  If anyone runs across this, would be interesting to hear their solution. What follows is the ticket we've submitted (with a few additions that might help the general public).  This being the first time I've really had the chance to play around with and design my own VDS solution, mistakes were made.  Long story short I wanted to do X initially, switches didn't like that and our network guy recommended against it, so we did Y.  Turns out X does work, but we get weird un-sanctioned behaviour.  (X being 'let vSphere handle networking, just give me VLAN trunk switchports', Y being 'let's use LAGs/LACP/MLAG/etc'.) I will update once we have a solution... March12 - Quick update, I moved the rest of the VMs off the old VDS, roughly 25% of them had the same failure issue.  We're still waiting for something concrete from Extreme - I suspect with our failure sce