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Miata: Wheelz

You how people say 'nice rimz, yo'.  I'd only say that if person in question was running deep dish or polished lip...and even then inwardly cringe/giggle insanely. Finally sourced some spring/summer/fall wheels off my favourite shop, Kijiji (been searching "rota 15" for a month or so now). Rota Slipstreams in 15x6.5", Full Royal Sport Bronze (FRSB), +40ET.  The pic does not do the colour justice...looks great in person, more 'bronzey' (as if to say, darker/richer in colouring).  Great price, too. I am extra pleased with this acquisition because these wheels have been on my 'if I ever get a set of wheels' list since they came out.  I was working at Wheels Direct in Scarborough way back in the day (ca.2001-2?) and the Slipstream and Sub-Zero wheels came in from Rota.  Lightweight and reasonably priced...they also came in bronze and flat-black, two of my favourite wheel finishes (Subaru gold STI wheels are another of my favs).

Hyper-V 2012 & boot-from-SAN - installation

Finally...a non-Miata post. Had a devil of a time trying to get Hyper-V 2012 installed on one of our spare servers (HP DL360 G5).  Was installing from a DVD (iLO was not online originally) and using a USB key for the Qlogic drivers.  iSCSI HBA is a Qlogic 4062c. Note this was an ESX 3.5 host when I started. The error: "We couldn't create a new partition or locate an existing one. For more information, see the Setup log files." Googling around gave me is the order I tried them in: Boot off physical DVD, load drivers from USB Deleted old ESX partitions Got error Use repair function to clean drive and create/assign a new partition Got error Use the HP update DVD to bring firmware/BIOS up to date Got error Use iLO DVD image and USB key drivers (this was silly) Got error Checked inside server to ensure no USB devices plugged in (there were none) Removed USB key, attached USB key to PC, then to server via iLO as virtual device Got error Use

Miata: Roadblocks!! Arr

Foiled!!  The stainless lines the last guy put on the car will only fit 16" wheels...not OEM 14" wheels... Arlington Mazda is getting a lot of business from me, especially with the local dealer asking $56 PER brake flex line.  Criminy.  Even with shipping/tax it's still way cheaper to get it from them - considering I needed another few bits and pieces. Anyways...have to wait for this order to come through. Also, the Miata was too low for the mechanic to get it onto his alignment hoist...needs 4.5" of I can do is 4.25".  The 14" tires will raise that up 0.5" or so, but still.  Winter will be interesting.  Might be a good idea to remove the front lip! So what with the whole...wheels not fitting thing...I have time to find a proper alignment shop - this guy was just a local mechanic.  Nice guy, honest, but not quite what I'm looking for.

Miata: Maintenance thoughts

It was a lot of fun, mixed with a lot of labour, and a little frustration (silly exhaust system). Would I do it again?  Absolutely.  Would I do it again next week?  Ah, no.  Maybe next year. I think the most fun was all the new things I got to do: Using an engine hoist to remove a functional engine/trans from my daily driver Changing a clutch/flywheel Bleeding the clutch system (thank you, 949racing!) Now knowing how to bleed the brake system Putting a valve cover gasket on (we'll see how the sealant works out) Removing suspension from a car I was promised required two people to myself :) (yay leverage) The planning/reading was enjoyable as well. I think the worst part of the job was trying (and failing) to get the exhaust unbolted.  Pretty sure it'll need to be cut out whenever that job comes up - stripped one of the cat bolts using the impact gun (the other one came out fine :S ).  Wasn't even going to attempt the header->downpipe bolts...hah

Miata: Maintenance results

Things changed at this time: Shocks front/rear (KYB GR-2) Bumpstops/shock mounts (Fat Cat 52mm) Radiator & cap, new coolant (Koyo) All coolant hoses (incl. water plug at back of engine & heater hose grommets) Thermostat & gasket Valve cover gasket Rear crank seal CAS o-ring Spark plugs & wires (NGK) Shifter bushing rebuild kit & boot & knob PCV valve & grommet Motor oil & filter (Mobil1 syn 10w30) Transmission oil (Ford Motorcraft) & turret oil, diff oil Rear transmission seal 949racing extended clutch line (replaced the coil+flexline) New clutch slave cylinder Flyin' Miata clutch happy meal (Stage 1, 10.3lb flywheel), new pilot/throwout bearings Fluidic washers!!!  :) Also cleaned the block/transmission as best possible with simple green - it was gross and sludgy from the (CAS?) oil leak. I think that covers thoughts on the matter, and some pics, in another post.