Miata: Maintenance results

Things changed at this time:

  1. Shocks front/rear (KYB GR-2)
  2. Bumpstops/shock mounts (Fat Cat 52mm)
  3. Radiator & cap, new coolant (Koyo)
  4. All coolant hoses (incl. water plug at back of engine & heater hose grommets)
  5. Thermostat & gasket
  6. Valve cover gasket
  7. Rear crank seal
  8. CAS o-ring
  9. Spark plugs & wires (NGK)
  10. Shifter bushing rebuild kit & boot & knob
  11. PCV valve & grommet
  12. Motor oil & filter (Mobil1 syn 10w30)
  13. Transmission oil (Ford Motorcraft) & turret oil, diff oil
  14. Rear transmission seal
  15. 949racing extended clutch line (replaced the coil+flexline)
  16. New clutch slave cylinder
  17. Flyin' Miata clutch happy meal (Stage 1, 10.3lb flywheel), new pilot/throwout bearings
  18. Fluidic washers!!!  :)
Also cleaned the block/transmission as best possible with simple green - it was gross and sludgy from the (CAS?) oil leak.

I think that covers it...my thoughts on the matter, and some pics, in another post.


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