Miata: Roadblocks!! Arr

Foiled!!  The stainless lines the last guy put on the car will only fit 16" wheels...not OEM 14" wheels...

Arlington Mazda is getting a lot of business from me, especially with the local dealer asking $56 PER brake flex line.  Criminy.  Even with shipping/tax it's still way cheaper to get it from them - considering I needed another few bits and pieces.

Anyways...have to wait for this order to come through.

Also, the Miata was too low for the mechanic to get it onto his alignment hoist...needs 4.5" of clearance...best I can do is 4.25".  The 14" tires will raise that up 0.5" or so, but still.  Winter will be interesting.  Might be a good idea to remove the front lip!

So what with the whole...wheels not fitting thing...I have time to find a proper alignment shop - this guy was just a local mechanic.  Nice guy, honest, but not quite what I'm looking for.


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