Miata 1.8 swap done - next steps

To keep it short...

  • Swap went well
  • Managed to snap some key coolant piece was the only issue at the time, decided to do the coolant re-route
  • Also managed to incorrectly assume that the clutch would not need re-adjusting because...hey I haven't changed clutch components or drained the fluid or anything...
  • The above caused me to run for 2 weeks on a misadjusted clutch, so the shiny FM Stage1 clutch is now pretty much toast - we played with the adjustment afterwards to try and salvage it...no luck
  • I've decided to get off the 'because racecar' bandwagon - ordered the OEM-level value clutch, and I'll get the 1.8 flywheel I have resurfaced
  • The de-powered steering thing has become a saga...continue to have 'stiction' issues
Had the bushings done (IL Motorsports rubber ones), only the mechanic didn't replace the rear bushings due to some miscommunication.  The good news is that alignments are now holding, the bad news is that 1 week after the fronts were done (and rears not), I started getting noises in the rears.

Also getting a clunk noise that I'm hoping is the hard top being slightly loose (latches didn't really 'pull' shut)

Anywho, list of stuff to do...
  1. Get flywheel resurfaced
  2. Engine out, but this time not a weekend blitz
  3. Replace clutch/flywheel/clutch fork
  4. Install coolant re-route & front block-off
  5. Install 1.8 crank pulley, 1.8 WP pulley, 1.8 alternator
  6. Put on replacement hood hinges
  7. FM front sway
  8. Maybe going to try out a thicker trans fluid (suspect the 'exhaust' noise I have is gear lash...?)
  9. Need to do BG oil flush & BG injector flush
  10. REALLY REALLY REALLY clean the engine/trans/everything - suspect oil leaks but can't really tell if it's oversprayed penetrant from the mechanic, spills from filling shift turret, or what
  11. Time available for rear bushing install?
  12. Stop by a body shop and see what rust repair & paint will actually cost


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