BizTalk 2010 and MSDTC issues

Before you even start with your BizTalk 2010 configuration (not the same thing as the install), you need MSDTC communicating perfectly with the BizTalk SQL server.

Environment specs: Server 2008R2 SP1, deployed from VMware template, SID not changed

  1. Cmd: msdtc -install
  2. Add application server role, all DTC options
  3. Set MSDTC service to auto
  4. Start MSDTC service
If you deviate from that, MSDTC will never work.  This can probably be applied to anything using MSDTC, but can't guarantee that.

If you just install the application server role and DTC options - MSDTC WILL NOT WORK.  It will appear to, but you'll be chasing ghosts.

If you are already in that position, follow these steps:
  1. Remove app server role and DTC options.
  2. cmd: msdtc -uninstall
  3. Remove reg entries around MSDTC (see the first link under 'Sources')
  4. Reboot
  5. Follow steps above.
I spent a long time figuring this out, hope it helps someone else.

You can test using the following Microsoft tools:
  • DTCping - this will tell you if you need to change the MSDTC CID
  • DTCtester - this is used on the SQL client machine, uses ODBC to talk to the SQL server
  • RPCping - cmd-line tool, tells you if RPC is working (use -n servername switch for remote test)
We were getting these errors with DTCtester: 
Error:SQLSTATE=25S12,Native error=-2147168242,msg='[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Distributed transaction error'
Error:SQLSTATE=24000,Native error=0,msg=[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Invalid cursor state



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