Why do we measure?

I've been reading 'How to measure anything - Finding the value of intangibles in business, 3rd edition' (you should read this, too) and it has completely revised how I approach problems.

The biggest thing to me is this:  My understanding of WHAT a measurement is and WHY we measure things has completely and fundamentally changed.

Pretend someone asked you 'what is a measurement?'.  Now do the same thing for 'why do we measure'.  Answer the questions then scroll down.

Compare to this:

What: A measurement is the reduction of uncertainty based on observations.
Why: Because we are trying to reduce the risk in a decision we need to make.

I am (badly) paraphrasing/summarizing...but that's the gist.  A reduction of uncertainty - NOT the elimination of uncertainty.  And measurement now has a PURPOSE - to help you reduce risk when making decisions.  It starts with knowing what decision you need to make.

So simple, but so powerful.  You should really go get that book now, I don't want to spoil anything else.


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