A new adventure begins

The best way I can describe why I'm moving on is "Sometimes God opens doors, sometimes He closes them, and other times He kicks the door open and points."  This would be the latter.

After 3ish years at SCI, I'm moving on to a new opportunity with the folks working on "SI Play".  My time at SCI was probably the most powerful period of growth in my entire career and I'm really grateful for that, and somewhat sad to be leaving behind a great team. 

From what I know so far, I'll be working with a totally different stack, but doing essentially the same thing - software development.  They are also working toward the same ideals that I've been helping SCI work toward - namely CI/CD.  A lot of the interview conversations were about moving toward Continuous Delivery/Deployment, so this should be an educational experience for me.  Also a great chance to apply everything I've learned over the last few years.

So for the attentive Google bots, expect more posts around stuff like AWS w. PowerShell, Git & CI/CD, and Octopus deploy.  And maybe Docker/Server 2016 containers.  ?


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