Newbie: Opening a solution/csproj gives you 'not supported by this installation' error

Posting this because as an operations person, this whole 'learn to be a dev' thing is a random and wacky journey, so why not post it for future people to use against me.

Rather than learn the Thoughtworks Go Feeds API (I am not a developer and did not have a lot of time), I figured that this wheel must have already been invented.

Google search terms: thoughtworks go dashboard github

And boom:

Looks pretty nifty, so thought I'd give it a try.  Cloned it to my local machine, then tried to open the solution.  Error!  "The project type is not supported by this installation"


After cross-referencing the .csproj GUIDs with that handy list, looks like his project requires MVC4 to be installed!  Googling it brought me here:

The handy web installer took a long I cancelled it and downloaded the standalone installer ( ).  When I hit 'cancel', however - it informed me that the alternative language pack install failed, but the actual MVC4 install succeeded.

I re-opened the solution and voila, no more error.  Yay.


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