Add an RDM, get an error! (EqualLogic)

Google fodder.

I was able to reproduce as follows:

  1. Take a VM that's already working, shut it down (in my case, 2012 R2).
  2. Add an RDM disk (using a new controller or not, both gave the error)
  3. Try to power up the VM.

You will get an error: 38 (Function not implemented)  Goes on to talk about 'cannot open virtual disk or one of the snapshot disks it depends on' - even though no snapshots.

Thankfully, even though the Google hits were few, I figured it out.  The issue?

This is for moving our physical Veeam backup server into a VM.  For the B2D target I wanted to use an RDM that is on a different SAN than the VMs.  When I created the volume in the EqualLogic group manager I had the option of 512-byte sectors, or 4k sectors.  Figured, hey, 2012R2 can deal with 4k!

Maybe it can, but ESXi 5.5.0 (update 2b?) sure didn't.

I nuked the volume, recreated it with 512-byte sectors and it works no problem.

FWIW, the array is running the latest firmware (at time of writing, something like 7.1.2).

Error stack

** NO DESCRIPTION FOR: Drm.ExecuteVmPowerOnLRO:38 (Function not implemented)

See the error stack for details on the cause of this problem.
Time: 1/21/2015 1:47:01 PM
vCenter Server: vcenterServer
Error Stack
An error was received from the ESX host while powering on VM SERVERNAME.
Failed to start the virtual machine.
Module DiskEarly power on failed.
Cannot open the disk '/vmfs/volumes/5183d31c-fbe60db1-4ba4-00237d5eba3c/SERVERNAME/SERVERNAME_1.vmdk' or one of the snapshot disks it depends on.
38 (Function not implemented)

Log log log...

2015-01-21T18:30:37.529Z| Worker#0| I120: DISK: OPEN scsi0:0 '/vmfs/volumes/5183d31c-fbe60db1-4ba4-00237d5eba3c/SERVERNAME/SERVERNAME.vmdk' persistent R[]
2015-01-21T18:30:37.529Z| Worker#1| A115: ConfigDB: Setting scsi0:1.redo = ""
2015-01-21T18:30:37.529Z| Worker#1| I120: DISK: OPEN scsi0:1 '/vmfs/volumes/5183d31c-fbe60db1-4ba4-00237d5eba3c/SERVERNAME/SERVERNAME_1.vmdk' independent-persistent R[]
2015-01-21T18:30:37.534Z| Worker#0| I120: DISKLIB-VMFS  : "/vmfs/volumes/5183d31c-fbe60db1-4ba4-00237d5eba3c/SERVERNAME/SERVERNAME-flat.vmdk" : open successful (10) size = 53687091200, hd = 6817958. Type 3
2015-01-21T18:30:37.534Z| Worker#0| I120: DISKLIB-DSCPTR: Opened [0]: "SERVERNAME-flat.vmdk" (0xa)
2015-01-21T18:30:37.534Z| Worker#0| I120: DISKLIB-LINK  : Opened '/vmfs/volumes/5183d31c-fbe60db1-4ba4-00237d5eba3c/SERVERNAME/SERVERNAME.vmdk' (0xa): vmfs, 104857600 sectors / 50 GB.
2015-01-21T18:30:37.534Z| Worker#0| I120: DISKLIB-LIB   : Opened "/vmfs/volumes/5183d31c-fbe60db1-4ba4-00237d5eba3c/SERVERNAME/SERVERNAME.vmdk" (flags 0xa, type vmfs).
2015-01-21T18:30:37.534Z| Worker#1| I120: FileIOErrno2Result: Unexpected errno=38, Function not implemented
2015-01-21T18:30:37.534Z| Worker#1| I120: AIOGNRC: Failed to open '/vmfs/volumes/5183d31c-fbe60db1-4ba4-00237d5eba3c/SERVERNAME/SERVERNAME_1-rdmp.vmdk' : Function not implemented (260002) (0x2013).
2015-01-21T18:30:37.534Z| Worker#1| I120: OBJLIB-FILEBE : FileBEOpen: can't open '/vmfs/volumes/5183d31c-fbe60db1-4ba4-00237d5eba3c/SERVERNAME/SERVERNAME_1-rdmp.vmdk' : Function not implemented (2490372).
2015-01-21T18:30:37.534Z| Worker#1| I120: DISKLIB-VMFS  : "/vmfs/volumes/5183d31c-fbe60db1-4ba4-00237d5eba3c/SERVERNAME/SERVERNAME_1-rdmp.vmdk" : failed to open (Function not implemented): ObjLib_Open failed. Type 10
2015-01-21T18:30:37.534Z| Worker#0| I120: DISK: Disk '/vmfs/volumes/5183d31c-fbe60db1-4ba4-00237d5eba3c/SERVERNAME/SERVERNAME.vmdk' has UUID '60 00 c2 9d 28 91 73 6a-21 aa 6e fe 71 a8 ac f1'
2015-01-21T18:30:37.534Z| Worker#0| I120: DISK: OPEN '/vmfs/volumes/5183d31c-fbe60db1-4ba4-00237d5eba3c/SERVERNAME/SERVERNAME.vmdk' Geo (6527/255/63) BIOS Geo (0/0/0)
2015-01-21T18:30:37.535Z| Worker#1| I120: DISKLIB-LINK  : "/vmfs/volumes/5183d31c-fbe60db1-4ba4-00237d5eba3c/SERVERNAME/SERVERNAME_1.vmdk" : failed to open (Function not implemented).
2015-01-21T18:30:37.535Z| Worker#1| I120: DISKLIB-CHAIN : "/vmfs/volumes/5183d31c-fbe60db1-4ba4-00237d5eba3c/SERVERNAME/SERVERNAME_1.vmdk" : failed to open (Function not implemented).
2015-01-21T18:30:37.535Z| Worker#1| I120: DISKLIB-LIB   : Failed to open '/vmfs/volumes/5183d31c-fbe60db1-4ba4-00237d5eba3c/SERVERNAME/SERVERNAME_1.vmdk' with flags 0xa Function not implemented (2490377).
2015-01-21T18:30:37.535Z| Worker#1| I120: DISK: Cannot open disk "/vmfs/volumes/5183d31c-fbe60db1-4ba4-00237d5eba3c/SERVERNAME/SERVERNAME_1.vmdk": Function not implemented (2490377).
2015-01-21T18:30:37.540Z| vmx| I120: DISK: Opening disks took 13 ms.
2015-01-21T18:30:37.540Z| vmx| I120: Module DiskEarly power on failed.
2015-01-21T18:30:37.540Z| vmx| I120: VMX_PowerOn: ModuleTable_PowerOn = 0
2015-01-21T18:30:37.540Z| vmx| I120: scsi0:0: numIOs = 0 numMergedIOs = 0 numSplitIOs = 0 ( 0.0%)
2015-01-21T18:30:37.540Z| vmx| I120: Closing disk scsi0:0
2015-01-21T18:30:37.541Z| vmx| I120: DISKLIB-VMFS  : "/vmfs/volumes/5183d31c-fbe60db1-4ba4-00237d5eba3c/SERVERNAME/SERVERNAME-flat.vmdk" : closed.


  1. Cheers. Just had the same issue. Saved me a lot of time.

  2. The Inventory service was Down!

  3. Absolutely the same issue provisioning a load of new RDMs to Veeam VMs. Wish I had found this article yesterday!


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