VMware Sns and Patches/Updates

According to VMware's EULA, you are only eligible for patches if you have a valid SnS contract.

So when you purchase your ESXi licensing and only opt for a 1-year SnS because who needs support (when you can pay for single support incidents) and you get major version upgrades when you do hardware refreshes anyways...and your Dell rep just smiles and nods...

When you do that, you then get to go back to your manager and tell him, oh yeah, nobody picked up on this: we now owe VMware a minimum of $many-k that must be paid in the next 30 days or we lapse our contract and then get to pay penalties on top of that money.

Now, while I suspect that patch functionality won't stop working due to SnS status, the legality certainly does.


  1. The vendors will not hold themselves accountable when something like this comes up.  It is always your fault, so view all potential expenses in that light.
  2. VMware SnS should be considered a mandatory thing, even though 'updates/patches' are only mentioned in the EULA, not main SnS product page.


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