Peripherals and the urge to upgrade

I've recently noticed my mouse charge levels starting to drop, and this has re-awakened the urge to upgrade.

But I shant!  They shall be run to destruction this time around the consumer wheel...getting pretty good mileage out of them so far!

  1. Primary monitor - Dell 2405FPW - the venerable first 24" Ultrasharp panel from Dell.  It cost a fortune back then (like $1500?), but I've had it now for 8-9 years!  The only real issue with it is power uses something like 140-150w (kill-a-watt-verified), and puts out most of that as heat.  Heck, they have 60" TVs that use less than half that nowadays.
  2. Secondary monitors - Dell 2007FP - 16x12 resolution, Ultrasharp quality.  Except the corners of the screen have worn out and the backlight shows through a little.  Can't really complain - they were given in lieu of a raise by a previous employer.  I've used them in landscape and portrait modes, not perfect in portrait mode.  Currently three mounted on the wall above the 'work area' portion of my desk.
  3. Mice - Logitech MX Revolution - I have two of these, one at work, one at home.  It has a nice dock.  Reasonably comfortable, battery life has been fine, but I've noticed it lessening as of late.  I got them both used off Kijiji for something like $40 a piece, in operation 2-3 years now.
  4. Keyboards - Logitech Illuminated Keyboard (wired) - I really love these keyboards.  The shift key ('run' key...if you get my drift) on my home setup (you see the trend) is acting up, but not enough that I'll replace it.  That one is 5 years old now, the work unit is 2-3 years old.  If I really was pushed to gripe, it'd be that the number pad and bezel makes it about an inch too wide...but really, not that big of a deal.
A key point with my peripherals is that my wife and I agreed that ergonomics (and the unfortunate pricetag associated with it) is a necessary expense.  I am the 'breadwinner' of the family, so keeping my eyes/hands in top shape for a LONG time is kinda important.  A few thousand bucks over my lifetime is kinda peanuts versus surgery or loss of employment.

My options are:
  1. Monitors: I am still on the fence about this new trend of glossy monitors...I do find that once you get used to the reflection issues, it's much nicer to use than the matte-surfaced monitors.  I'd probably get the 27" Ultrasharp with 2500x1500 or whatever it is resolution.  UWXGABBQ+ or something.  Secondary monitors I'd probably have to go with a 'wide' monitor this time around.  And probably just one to start.  Three monitors isn't as helpful as it sounds.  Four just gets un-usable unless you have multiple computers behind them - which I often do.
  2. Mice: Razer 'looked' good.  But the reviews.  And the 'features'.  Wow.  I'd probably go with one of the gaming-grade Logitech units, and give up my precious dock feature.  I don't mind spending money, but more than $100 for a mouse and it better be the second coming of mice.
  3. Keyboards: I will replace these with the same thing.  They are that good.  The only features I miss are silly things like what you get on the G15 et al..
Whee.  Peripherals.  I'm still amazed the 2405FPW is running, and even more amazed that I still consider it one of the best all-around monitors I've ever used.


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