Follow-up to 2012R2 OEM licensing in VMware

EDIT#2  Ok, THIS Dell tech guy is also out to lunch.  ANOTHER Dell tech guy (who originally sold us the stuff) insisted that OEM licensing works, and there are two potential issues here:

  1. Physical label has a misprinted key
  2. Typo

I tried the key from another box, activated right away.  Facepalm.  I tried the key several times, triple-checked for typos, so it wasn't a typo.  We actually got a misprinted key, or perhaps it was not allowed to activate, and now today if I try again it'll work.  Ugh.

The following is being left for posterity.

Our new Dell rep, poor guy, he unhappily told me today that what they (old team) sold us initially would actually never work (OEM licensing + VMware).  Rather unfortunate.  Well, at least it explains why I had so many issues getting an answer from support.  They had to go to a senior senior tech rep to get this cleared up.

The link he provided, and a snippet:
"Even if you can install this Windows operating system on your physical computer, you might not be able to install it in a virtual machine. You might need to purchase a new copy of Windows to install in a virtual machine."

Oh well, they are (almost) promising to get us the Open License upgrade at no cost.


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