Miata: Stereo update

Yes, it is complete!  Ish.  Sort of.  Not really.  But I once again have a semi-functional audio system in the car!  It sounds way better than I'd anticipated, although I guess the components/amp are to thank for that.

The actual amp install was pretty easy - the gas tank doesn't come near that part of the chassis, so was safe to drill/screw through.  I am not that happy with using 4ga wire...primarily since I had to cut it down to fit the amp's input terminals.

After an hour's drive to work, amp was barely warm.  Granted was only streaming CBC.  Will upload some trance stuff, see how it fares with some thumpin'.

My stereo tip of the day: When crimping connectors, use vise-grips.  Way better than the 'middle' section of the side cutters I've been using for 10 years.  Also better than a hammer.

Items left to work on:

  1. Securing & tidying the wiring
  2. A non-ghetto solution to the remote switch
  3. A solid solution for mounting the crossovers (some sort of tray, maybe?)
  4. A blanking plate for the gaping hole
  5. Mounting solution for the phone
  6. Charger cable wiring
  7. RCA->3.5 cable wiring
The tweeter holder...modded somewhat.  
The one that came with the tweeters on the right, Dremel'd version on left.

Batt'ry connections.

Ground point I used, directly bolts into the body.

Metal the amp is attached to.

Amp holder peeking out...needs to be bolted down.


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