Miata: Stereo done for now

So nice to have the car back together.  Racecar is fun and all, but interior trim makes a big difference to the feel of the cabin.  Still not sure why I didn't take a picture of the neat wiring through the center console...it was all so IASCA-ey.

What's next?

  1. Wait for all parts to arrive
  2. Still waiting on FM to get back to the Montreal distributor so I can order some parts already.  (FM clutch happy meal!)
  3. Once parts are here/almost here, book a weekend + some days off to do all the work.
  4. Do the work.
  5. Drive the car!

Ok, really need to either tap into accessory power or put a switch in.  Srsly.  Also, my fancy RCA->3.5 cable has not arrived yet, so can't wire it up.  (not to mention the phone mounts and chargers haven't shown up, either)

Amp wiring
So ghetto.  Embarassing.  But it works.

After some finagling with wires, I ended up just resting them like this in the old stereo location.  Eventually they'll be tied down or mounted.  Also made sure they were both adjusted to '0db' gain and 'off-axis' tweeter output.  I can't tell if the one tweeter is wired correctly or not...(forgot to label the passenger cabling), 

They aren't perfect, but the passenger side is pretty darn close.  Driver side has a bit of a gap, but it's out of my line of sight while driving, so whatever.  I can fix it down the line.


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