Miata: Parts & pics update

Well, the only items left on my list are fluids, so all the hard-to-find stuff is in the garage.  Somewhat ironically, the local shop has been the least reliable so far (PROTIP: if you have email contact on your business card, customers will expect you to answer emails), so I may end up having to pay for shipping after all.  Granted I'm not ordering a lot (~$60 worth of Redline oils), but still...this shop was where I got all my car audio stuff back in the day.  Customer service has waned in favour of high profit/fast turnover items.  Sad, but guess it's hard to compete with online stuff.  There's your business tip of the day...if you are going to have a storefront, be sure you have a booming online store to match it.

Still missing:

  1. Diff fluid (RedLine)
  2. Power steering fluid (RedLine)
  3. 303 aerospace protectant (not sure where to get this yet)
  4. Penetrating fluid (PB blaster)
  5. Will discover this item is missing at the 11th hour

Anywho, clutch & flywheel  have arrived, along with the FM tools, 1.6 manual, and other goodies.  Super-impressed with the quality of the FM stuff...man...no wonder they are one of the big players.

Also picked up the Princess Auto engine hoist and leveler bar (some assembly required).  Cheap, but will do the job - my livelihood doesn't depend on these tools, so no point in spending big bucks.  Further reading has confirmed that I will not regret pulling the engine/transmission vs. pulling trans-only from underneath, especially since I have all that other work to do.

According to the gurus out there, experienced people should be able to have the entire job (everythang) done in a day, so my time-block of ~3-4 days should be plenty.  I believe I have all the tools now, just a matter of getting the time and doing it!


Last batch of Rosenthal parts
Ended up getting Super Blue shipped from the US...still cheaper after all that.  Also note the teflon rollers for the windows.  Finally will have windows that roll down all the way!  This also crossed Shin Etsu grease off my list - comes with a small packet!

949racing extended clutch hose and slave cylinder
Stickers wheeee!

Flyin' Miata parts
Picture does not do them justice.  Beautifully machined, laser etched.  Purple clutch is purple.

Leveler and hoist
Chinese, but feels solid so far.  Hoist alone weighs ~200lbs.  Will have to spend some time rearranging the garage so I have space to move it around after pulling the engine.


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