Miata: Maintenance update

Got word from the distributor that the Flyin Miata/Moss parts have shipped, guessing they'll be here in a few days.  Heated seat kit also shipped the other day, although it probably won't get much use.  Nice to have, just in case.  (in retrospect, a wind blocker would have been a better investment)

Also did some reading on miata.net, and turns out that the method I initially read about to do the clutch (drop trans out the bottom) is a complete nightmare versus pulling the engine and trans together out the top with a shop crane.  Kinda ironic that I helped my friend offload his (was being stored in my garage).  At the time the decision made sense.

Handily (providentially?) enough, PA's hoist is on sale right now, so I put one of them on reserve (along with a leveler bar).  Another $300 or so after taxes, but if it's the difference between getting the job done (quickly) and not, not much choice.  Also, I needed one anyway for when the foundry furnace is built, so not like it's a waste.

This is somewhat of a relief, as my jack stands offer 16" full travel, meaning to get the required 18" if doing the trans removal only, I'd either need larger stands, or to prop them up on wood - not ideal.

At this point this is the most expensive car maintenance project I've ever done, but I suppose it's also as close to a full overhaul as I've ever done as well (haha, on my own coin).

Engine hoisthttp://www.princessauto.com/pal/product/8210072/Shop-Cranes/2-Ton-Quick-Lift-Shop-Crane

Leveler barhttp://www.princessauto.com/pal/product/1580009/Engine-Stands/1%2C500-lb-Engine-Leveller

It's also apparent the maintenance is not happening this week, unfortunate as we have nice weather at the moment, but for the best...a lot going on otherwise.  So...next week.

One last note - for the money we've spent so far, yes, entirely possible we could have paid someone to do it.  However:

  1. No experience gained.
  2. Pay money, no tools to show for it.
  3. Sub-standard or bog-standard parts would probably have been used - nicer parts cost the same, but mechanics usually won't install non-OEM bits.
  4. If something doesn't go right, could cost more money/time to get them to do over.
So ya.  Expense is there, but worth it in the end.


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