Miata: Rust issues to deal with

Since I have a paint gun and small compressor (and access to a much larger one if necessary), I'll be doing these repairs myself.  I have done body work in the past (full restoration of a 1985 RX-7 GSL-SE), so it's not completely foreign to me.

Sill issues I mentioned:
I was not kidding about the electrical tape.  It's like this on both sides.

Rocker panel rust:
One side is okay, the other side still not awful, but ready to get worse.

For those of you interested in this, the Miata has roof drains that go through the body, exiting just behind the seam there.  Over the years, owners do not clean them out, they get clogged, water doesn't get evacuated, and rust forms from the inside out.  If you are seeing rust down here, it's probably worse inside.  That's why I mentioned cutting/welding material.  The nice thing is if you catch it sooner than later, that part of the body is pretty easy to cover up new paint/metal patches due to the anti-chip paint finish.


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