Miata: New stereo plans

Ok, I love the headrest speakers, very nifty idea in a convertible, but dang the rest of the system stinks.  Probably because it's 19 years-old, but probably also because it stinks.  The bass is provided by some novel 'vibrator' thingies in the lumbar area.  Unique, but gimmicky.  The MSSS portion relies on those, and is ultimately useless.


Head unit.  Gone.  MSSS unit.  Gone.  Door speakers/tweeters.  Gone.   Headrest speakers.  Disconnected. (or maybe Gone.)

New system as follows:

  • Head unit provided by my phone w. line-out direct into amplifier
    • Going to hard-wire a charger
    • Ordered 3 different suction mounts, just in case (yay eBay)
    • Going to run a shielded 3.5mm -> RCA cable under the carpet and up to the suction mount
  • Amplifier is an older Alpine V12 MR something or other.
    • 30A fuse, so can't be all bad.
    • 2ch, 100wrms@4ohms @12v (so a little more at 14.4v)
    • Neglected to take a pic...sorry.
  • Speakers are some fun little ditties...pictures say it all.  
    • 125wrms@4ohms max, how convenient
    • Not certain where I will hide the crossovers
    • Tweeters are rather heavy

Should sound pretty decent when I'm done with it.  Thankfully I never threw out all my old power cabling/fuses, so just need appropriate speaker wire (should be fine with 16-18 gauge)


Dat's a huge magnet.

Stock headunit, for those interested.


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